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Wholesale VoIP Growing Along with the Rest of the Industry

As expected, the VoIP industry is growing. What was not expected was how FAST it's all happening.

Survey Makes Strong Case for VoIP and Its Growing Acceptance

A new survey takes a look at the "perception and usage" of phone systems within the SMB crowd. According to the survey findings, SMBs aren't too aware of the technologies currently available.

Chat with Nat: Ringing in Spring

An update on the latest happenings from VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Features are Perfect for Growing Businesses

Missing calls is never a good idea, but for businesses it can mean lost sales and missed opportunities. VoIP comes to the rescue.

To Start a VoIP Company You Need a Business Plan

VoIP adoption is rapidly growing in the enterprise space with companies realizing that the technology delivers not only an efficient but also a simplified management system for a single voice and data network.

Chat with Nat: Top o' the Friday the 13th to You!

A weekly update from the folks at VoIP Innovations.

VoIP is Great, but Can be Better

For companies that have already made the change to VoIP for their telecommunication needs, they're aware of the benefits in terms of mobility and cost savings. But one little secret many don't talk about is an occasional lack of sound quality. After all that time and effort spent, some are dismayed to find the VoIP solution is not everything they hoped it might be.

Chat with Nat: Hosted Billing Walk-throughs and More

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Mobile Apps Seen Ready to Boost VoIP Brands

You've probably seen big brands like Best Buy, Nike, Starbucks, and 7 Eleven utilize branded mobile apps - but mobile apps are useful for VoIP businesses as well.

VoIP, By Any Other Name, Set to Expand

By now, anyone with half a brain and a hope of saving money, has given or is giving serious consideration to switching their telecom needs to VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. Besides the obvious benefit of saving money, they'll cut their dependence on major telecom carriers and will help move their companies into the 21st century. It's a move that makes sense.

Chat with Nat: 'F' is for February

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Telecom 101: The Difference Between VoIP and PSTN

Everyone living within the last century knows what a telephone is, but we've come a long way since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, and telecommunications overall have seen a lot of changes.

Securing Your VoIP Network: Not as Tough As You Might Think

With the ubiquity of VoIP spreading like the proverbial wildfire throughout the enterprise, along with it comes new security concerns. Because it has become so commonplace, many users are becoming almost cavalier about it, assuming that "someone else" within the organization is worrying about security. That's a notion that could have serious, negative consequences.

Chat with Nat: Pondering Porting

A weekly look at the current happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Where Does VoIP Fit With UC?

There are some misconceptions when it comes to communication tools, particularly when it comes to VoIP and unified communications (UC).

Chat with Nat: Valentine's Edition

A weekly update from the folks at VoIP Innovations.

Help Wanted: Now You Can be a Certified 'VoIP Person'

A new certification program for technicians who troubleshoot VoIP systems has been launched,designed specifically for audio-video professionals to give them a better understanding of technology some feel is not easy to learn.

Run a Business? Then You Need These Technologies

Running a business is no small feat, but we're in the digital era so there are several tools available to make running your own company easier and hassle-free.

VoIP Innovations Leading the Way in VoIP Adoptions

As most everyone in the tech world knows by now, the world of VoIP adoption is exploding, and one company helping to lead the charge is Pittsburgh-based VoIP Innovations.

Chat with Nat: ITEXPO Recap

A weekly recap of the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Chat with Nat: ITEXPO Recap

A weekly recap of the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Security Is Not Dependent on Wi-Fi Security

People confuse VoIP security with their Wi-Fi security, but let's clear this up now: both are very much mutually exclusive.

Dedicated Voice Channel Launched for Mini-VSAT Broadband Network

KVH Industries, Inc., a satellite communications solutions provider, announced it has launched a new dedicated voice configuration for its mini-VSAT Broadband global maritime satellite network.

'Free' Communications Apps: Look Before You Leap

Most everyone in the tech world is aware of the many free apps available for communicating with others (Skype, anyone?), but they're less familiar with the costs associated with such "free" offerings. Are they really worth it?

VoIP Is Good for Your Health(care)

VoIP isn't just good for business; it's actually a commodity for the healthcare industry.

Chat with Nat: Taking Care of Business

We've been busy gearing up for ITEXPO, but since we're a bunch of multi-taskers, we've also been keeping busy with everything else as usual, too.

VoIP Innovations Readies New BackOffice Release at ITEXPO

Technology companies across the country are packing up and getting ready for next week's ITEXPO show in Miami, and VoIP Innovations (VI), an Inc. 5000 company specializing in providing the largest DID and termination VoIP footprints in North America, is no exception.

Study Sees VoIP Market Experiencing Huge Growth

A new report has confirmed what many CFOs and IT professionals already know: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are exploding and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Chat With Nat

A closeup look at recent happenings within VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Growing Overseas as well

When VoIP was initially introduced to South African clients as an alternative to traditional telephony services, it was a fairly new technology, with low levels of expertise. All that's about to change.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Advantages of Switching to a VoIP Telephone Provider

Due to the many advances made in VoIP technology, many obstacles have been removed. There are a growing number of reasons why businesses, regardless of their size have been turning to VoIP as their communications solution.

Anti-Terrorism Measures Thwarted by VoIP Messaging Apps

In places like New Delhi, India, where terrorism is a constant threat, VoIP technology has proven quite problematic for police forces.

Chat With Nat

A weekly updated on the happenings at VoIP Innovations

VoIP Users Might End Up Lifting Taxpayer Burden

The intent pf one Pennsylvania County is to shift the overall cost of 911 maintenance away from property taxes and back to user fees, which could impact VoIP callers in the area.

Cherie Gets Social: Recapping the VoIP Happenings

It's Friday and time for Cherie Gets Social and a VoIP Innovations recap of the week.

Questions To Ask When Selecting a VoIP Provider

Choosing the right VoIP provider can be a challenge in this crowded marketplace, so it is key to know the important questions to ask when selecting a provider.

Chat with Nat: 'Cherie Gets Social' Edition

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations from Cherie Steffen, the company's Communications Specialist.

Making the Switch to a VoIP Solution Doesn't Have to be Scary

For those of you who are still wrestling with the idea or have no intentions of switching to VoIP, there are some insights you need to be made aware of.

Is VoIP the Beginning of the End for the Landline?

For those of us of a certain age, there was always a telephone in the house. It sat in a specific, fixed area, connected to the wall by a wire, and if you wanted to make or receive a call, that's where you went. Only the "rich folks" we knew had more than one phone in the house.

Report Says VoIP Proliferation and Expansion to Continue

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, continues to have a major impact on businesses and the telephony industry in general. Both consumers and the enterprise are finally waking up to the advantages of cheaper (or free) calls, and as such are embracing the technology in even greater numbers. And that's not just speculation; research is proving it to be true.

India Offers Massive Opportunity for VoIP and Messaging App Viber

Instant messaging and VoIP are absolutely exploding in India, which also happens to be the fastest growing smartphone market in Asia.

VoIP Worry: Some Phones Not as Secure as Thought

Establishing secure VoIP communications is a crucial task necessary to prevent eavesdropping and surveillance that can make confidential information vulnerable, as well as man-in-the-middle attacks that can either intercept messages or inject fabricated ones.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update on the happenings and news from VoIP Innovations.

ITSP: The Next Step for Those Embracing VoIP

Be sure to check VoIP Innovations recent blog post on pitfalls to avoid when purchasing VoIP service, so you can ensure adequate coverage and avoid poor customer support. "You'll have to provide E911 service, but other options like 411 or caller ID are up to you," he adds.

Chat with Nat: Video Games, ITSPS, ITEXPO and More

Today we have some fun things to chat about and then a few little reminders to mention. Let's start with a recap of our awesome blogs this week.

VoIP: Both Cost-Cutter and Lifesaver for SMBs

The word is out about VoIP, and how it can help the enterprise better wrangle in the high telecom costs plaguing everyone these days. But what might not be as clear is how utilizing VoIP can also serve to help small businesses rein in costs as well.

Chat with Nat: Hosted Billing and Other Wholesale VoIP News

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations

Cloud Telephony: Boon or Bane? The Jury's Leaning Toward a 'Win'

It's got to be tough to be a CIO or CTO these days. Everyone wants a piece of your time, and everyone with new technology to sell keeps hammering away at you. Who can you believe?

Chat With Nat

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

New Research Portends Good Things for VoIP's Future

One of the many ways we can judge where an industry is going is by looking at what buzzwords or phrases are currently trending in the zeitgeist. For those who work in VoIP - or want to know where it's headed -- these are indeed positive times.

VoIP: Cost-Efficient, But It Can Still Come at a High Price

Even worse for Foreman and other companies that see VoIP as a cost-saver, most small businesses that use the technology don't go with major carriers. Such carriers usually offer fraud protection. Without it, a business can be liable for charges made to their line.

Going With Wholesale VoIP? A Top Provider is Your Best Option recently listed its five wholesale VoIP providers with excellent VoIP services. The company at the top of the list: VoIP Innovations.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update on the activities at VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Toll Fraud Can Cause Major Issues for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Toll fraud is a common problem among VoIP phone systems, where hackers gain access to a company's phone network and uses it to make expensive international calls.

Thinking VoIP? Think About These Steps First

Voice-over-Internet Protocol, better known by the acronym VoIP, continues to garner interest from companies large and small due to a variety of factors, the most important of which seems to be its low cost.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Buyer Beware: VoIP Fraud Defined

Common forms include credit card fraud and telemarketing fraud, but did you know that VoIP fraud is an issue as well?

How Enhanced 911 Works with VoIP

Like everything else in today's increasingly advanced world of telecommunications and mobile computing, 911 has undergone at least one interesting change, and that's the creation of enhanced 911.

Ruling Says Calling VoIP Lines Might Impact TCPA Regulations

VoIP lines can be considered the same as mobile lines when it comes to TCPA regulations, according to a recent decision in Maryland by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

How to Enhance Your VoIP Security

To maintain a strong defense against those who would use your services for malicious purposes, there are a few ways to stay safe with VoIP.

European Commission Deregulates Fixed-Network Voice

Regulatory policies should be lighter to foster the growth of a new industry, heavier in highly concentrated industries at their peak and lighter again when an industry already is in decline.

Four Quick Tips About E911

When you consider the phone system in the United States, one sometimes overlooked but very important aspect is 911, the national emergency number. Even if you've never called it, the number surely has a place in your mind, just in case.

Wholesale VoIP Provider Sets a Higher Standard in Carrier Quality

Wholesale VoIP providers are extending opportunities to those who want to be in the market without managing extensive networks.

How will WebRTC Transform the Future of VoIP

WebRTC or Web Real-Time Communications is the latest technology that has piqued the interest of businesses and corporate across the world. The technology, supported by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), enables real time communications like voice, data, video and instant messaging through Web browsers that follows the open standard.

Wholesale VoIP Provider Sets a Higher Standard in Carrier Quality

How would your communications improve if you could drill down into such information as origination, termination and porting? For most of us, we don't care about these details as long as we get a crystal clear connection. If you're in the wholesale VoIP market, however, this information allows you to prioritize your offerings according to what you can deliver to the customer base.

VoIP Innovations Launches New Carrier Ranking System

The data being generated in today's digital world is used by everyone to make informed decisions. Whether it is individuals looking to purchase a particular product or service or enterprises trying to find the best communications solution; access to information is allowing everyone to make the right choice for their particular needs. VoIP Innovations, provider of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and termination VoIP footprints, has introduced a new carrier ranking system that allows customers to see the origination, termination and porting of the service provider.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update from Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager with VoIP Innovations

Five Common Misconceptions About Telecommunications

Have you been considering a switch to VoIP for your business, but don't see the benefits in doing so? Some ideas are available to change that

Getting Started On Your VoIP Career Path

VoIP, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a method of telephone communication that is rising in popularity, rendering Plain Old Telephone Systems (with the unflattering acronym of POTS) obsolete.

Chat With Nat

A weekly look at what's going on at VoIP Innovations

VoIP Innovations Helps Resellers with Free Consultation Service

Many small business owners have discovered the profit potential of being a VoIP reseller and selling VoIP phone systems from wholesale VoIP service providers. The market for VoIP services is growing by leaps and bounds as businesses of all types are moving from traditional business phone systems to IP-based phone solutions.

Pure IP vs. Merged-Communication Systems

Enterprise-level VoIP solutions can be had in two specific types: The hybrid IP-PBX types that can support both IP and TDM communications, and pure IP solutions, sometimes called soft-switches.

Chat with Nat: What Has Your Favorite Wholesale VoIP Company Been Up To?

A weekly update from VoIP Innovations' Marketing Communications Manager Natalie DeCario

What are Small Business Owners Looking for in a Phone System?

There are companies such as the VoIP and telecommunications review firm, Software Advice, that collect data on the VoIP and telecommunications industry so business owners in need have a place to get great information.

Dell Introduces Its New Smartphone Service

As a part of partnership with Vonage, Dell's new smartphone solution operates in the same market as Skype and countless other voice-over-IP (VoIP) service providers.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update from Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager with VoIP Innovations

VoIP Innovations Leads the Way in New Study recently conducted a study of the best wholesale VoIP providers for 2014, and the end result put VoIP Innovations right at the top of the list.

Emirates Outlaws VoIP Services Without Specific Government Licenses

Callers within the borders of the United Arab Emirates have their options severely limited by the local law, which outlaws VoIP unless it is used through one of only two providers, according to Gulf Business.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update on the goings-on at VoIP Innovations.

Chat With Nat

A weekly look at the happenings at VoIP Innovations

Disaster Recovery Plans Need That 'VoIP' Factor

With hurricane season well underway and winter not all that far off (it'll be Labor Day a week from Monday, FYI), companies need to be sure they always have an updated disaster recovery plan in place. While data may be secured in remote, duplicate locations, not everyone has given thought to communications. And that's where VoIP comes in.

VoIP Providers Highlighted via

It's hard not to search the Internet without coming up with a list of reasons to switch to VoIP; with its many benefits, it's an attractive option that many businesses have switched over to.

Developing a Protocol for Managing Wholesale SIP Termination

VoIP Innovations has a great protocol called "RATA" that takes you step by step through a tried-and-true process of investigating the effectiveness of a SIP provider for wholesale SIP termination.

Riding the Wave: VoIP Innovations' Time is Now

Sometimes, things just come together in a "perfect storm" in a way that's actually the best possible scenario. And one company that illustrates that perfectly is VoIP Innovations, one of the key players in the VoIP industry, and now celebrating its 8th year attending ITEXPO.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update from Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager at VoIP Innovations

Chat With Nat

A weekly update from Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager at VoIP Innovations

UK Adults Want More Bandwidth as Reasons for its Use Climb

It's not likely to prove a surprise to most anyone who's been watching the change in technology over the last several years that consumers want more bandwidth.

VoIP Offers Alternative to Landlines

Some VoIP-specific devices can offer landline-like service via mobile, with unlimited home phone calling over the Internet. Low monthly fees with the one-time purchase of a console can make VoIP the perfect in-between option.

VoIP: Improving Communications One Meeting at a Time

Communication is fundamental to business connections, and the technology climate of today is making it easier all the time.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update from Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager with VoIP Innovations

Growth in Speech Technology Market Seen Coming from Tech, Apps and VoIP

Predicted growth in the speech technology market is coming from new technology, applications and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), according to a new report.

Report: FCC Shows VoIP Adoption on the Rise

The Federal Communications Commission has released a report providing details about telephone subscription information within a three-year period ending June 2013.

Chat with Nat: Telecommuting, VoIP Education, ITEXPO and More

A weekly update from Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager with VoIP Innovations

Telecommuting: Another Cost-Cutting VoIP Feature

There's good news for those looking to save a few bucks in gas mileage, vehicle wear-and-tear and other commuting costs. VoIP won't only save you in communications costs, it can help save in overhead costs by way of telecommuting

The Abridged Version of VoIP Education

VoIP has managed to evolve with the Internet, improving and helping businesses keep their bills down and communication efficient. Not many technologies have done the same.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update from Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager with VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Systems Have Positive Impact on Expenses, Satisfaction and More

More businesses of all sizes are making the decision to ditch their traditional landline telephones in favor of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) digital phone systems for a variety of reasons.

Chat With Nat

A weekly update from Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager with VoIP Innovations

VoIP: A Money-Saver, but a Security Threat?

As anyone in the tech industry knows, adding VoIP capabilities to your communications systems can be a huge money saver, and who doesn't like to save money?

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