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RingCentral Taps PlanetOne Communications in VoIP Arrangement
RingCentral sets up new master agent partnership with PlanetOne Communications, opening up new VoIP-based markets.

Cloud Voice Means Better VoIP Development
Increasingly, services providers are looking to cloud voice operations as a means to improve VoIP service provision.

What Makes for a Successful MSP
A recent VoIP Innovations blog says about 10 percent of VARs are transitioning to become managed service provider, but it adds that only 10 percent are finding success as a result. The blog goes on to suggest that these new MSPs might have better luck if they leverage real-time reporting and analytics, provide their customers with self-service portals, and do automated inventory.

VoIP Innovations Introduces Extended DID Inventory
Plain and simple, DIDs serve an integral role in business communications, and this week, Wholesale VoIP provider VoIP innovations announced it has extended its DID inventory. The Extended Inventory allows for easier access to numbers, utilizing the VoIP innovations fully redundant SIP network, which spans four U.S. data centers.

Why VARs and MSPs Should Consider Adding VoIP Services
By adding VoIP to your offerings, you'll be positioned to take advantage of continued growth and the business trend toward flexibility, interoperability and mobility.

VoIP Services on Track for Big Growth
A new Persistence Market Research report suggests gains of better than 9.5 percent per year through 2024.

Resellers: Adding VoIP Means Adding Value
When resellers and service providers wonder how to get more value out of current customers, and draw new ones, the answer should be simple: add VoIP.

OTT Messaging Users to Hit 4.2bn by 2021
Over-the-top or OTT messaging is responsible for billions of dollars in losses for telecom operators around the world. While the industry as a whole is trying to find ways to compete, the new forecast from Juniper Research has revealed they are not doing a good enough job. According to the report, OTT messaging users will hit 4.2bn by 2021, a growth of more than 12 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from the 2.3bn unique users in 2016, an increase of almost 2bn users.

Stop Eavesdropping the VoIP Way
VoIP is just as susceptible to eavesdropping as any other communications technology; here's how to stop it in its tracks.

APIs Make Communicating Easier
Recent research predicts the market for APIs will reach $231.86 billion by 2021. This growth is being attributed to the need for more telecom services like rich communications, IVRs and SMS, as well as a rapidly increasing market for IoT devices and applications - all of which lean on APIs to make connectivity happen.

Hosted Billing Solutions for Wholesale VoIP Service Providers
For providers of services such as wholesale VoIP, the billing process can become even more complex. Customers are often operating under a variety of plans, which can lead to limitless combinations of rating and charging.

Optimizing Back-Office Processes Critical for VoIP Service Providers
Back-office operations and processes must be optimized, managed and properly integrated with other business functions to achieve peak performance. This is particularly true for VoIP service providers that need to streamline costs and offer low pricing to remain competitive.

Telecoms Need to Get on Board with Omnichannel Customer Service
The omnichannel approach to customer service makes the customer experience a competitive differentiator. Industries like telecom, which are notoriously lacking when it comes to customer service, need to step up their game and embrace the omnichannel philosophy.

Global Service Provider VoIP and IMS Revenues Break Records
Global service provider revenues for VoIP and IMS broke records in 2016, reaching $5.4 billion according to new research from IHS Markit.

VoIP Innovations Cuts Toll-Free Monthly DID Fees to 25 Cents
VoIP Innovations has slashed its toll-free monthly DID fees to 25 cents for new and existing wholesale customers.

The Role of Interconnectivity in the Global Telecom Landscape
Interconnectivity of people, devices, services and processes is driving the global telecom and technology landscape. Telecom companies and service providers need to understand and innovate around interconnectivity to successfully compete in today's communications market.

Business VoIP Comes to the Rescue During the Holidays
Business VoIP solutions offer a variety of features to ensure organizations of all sizes run smoothly during holiday periods, keeping workers and customers happy.

Blog Emphasizes Why SMS, MMS Remain Relevant
A new blog from VoIP Innovations notes that services like MMS and SMS are an effective way to interact with customers because these communications are non-intrusive, and short and easy to read; most customers prefer texting as a medium; and MMS messages attract viewer eyes.

Choosing a VoIP System for Your Business
Nearly all businesses need some sort of VoIP, but what is the right amount of coverage for your business?

Texts Boast 98 Percent Open Rate
If there's just one thing you need to know about marketing today, it may be that text messages have an open rate of 98 percent. This valuable piece of data is just one of the many notable information points that VoIP Innovations shares in this recent blog.

Next-Generation Networks: An Ideal Platform for VoIP Services
Next-generation networks (NGNs) are evolving out of necessity to keep pace with exponentially increasing amounts of data. Offering affordability, flexibility and efficiency, they are a great fit for VoIP and UC services and solutions.

Huge Rise Ahead for VoIP Market
A new report from Persistence Market Research suggests healthy gains ahead for the global VoIP services market through 2024.

The Power of Text Messages in the Age of Mobility
Text messages are the most used mobile application and businesses can take advantage of them as an important part of the sales, marketing and customer service process.

VoIP Market a Battleground in 2017
A new report suggests that the upcoming VoIP services market worldwide will be on the rise but packed with competitors.

VoIP Innovations Tackles Difference Between SMS and MMS
There's a fairly pronounced difference between SMS and MMS in the VoIP field, and a recent report from VoIP Innovations pointed that difference out.

Skype & Type Attacks Take Eavesdropping to a Whole New Level
Eavesdropping attacks like Skype & Type are the latest potential threats to VoIP calls and businesses need to ensure they are properly prepared and protected.

Now and Then: The VoIP Market Ahead
The VoIP market is a rapidly changing place; we take a look at what it looks like now and where it's likely going.

The FCC Takes on Ineffective E911 Location Tracking
Unfortunately, 911 calls made on wireless phones are far less effective than those made on wireline phones. This is due to ineffective location tracking for cell phones, but the FCC has plans to fix this problem.

The Fees for E911 in Your VoIP Calling Plan
The E911 service is mandatory, as required by the FCC, but fees vary depending on how the service is used for VoIP and mobile/cellular services.

Accurate and Reliable Operation of E911 Services is Not Negotiable
Organizations need to carefully evaluate how their service providers and carriers handle E911 services to ensure they are receiving the best level of service and the most value.

SMBs and VoIP Driving Cloud UC and UCaaS Markets
Cloud-based UC and UCaaS offerings are taking over the larger UC market, driven by SMB adoption, the prevalence of VoIP and a host of benefits.

Improving E911 Services Should be a Service Provider Priority
E911 services are critical for emergencies, but often aren't as reliable or accurate as they could be. VoIP service providers need to examine and reevaluate their E911 strategies this year to provide the best services possible.

Planning Ahead Crucial for VoIP Success in 2017
VoIP businesses need to come up with a comprehensive plan for the new year that includes fraud detection, a good end-user portal and reassessing their E911 services.

Residual Translations Are the Culprit in Failed Number Transfers
Transferring a phone number from one service provider to another should be seamless and smooth, and when calls are dropped or lost, residual translations are to blame.

VoIP Wholesalers Help Business VoIP Buyers Improve Call Quality
To avoid VoIP call quality being affected by latency, it's worth it for companies of all sizes to work through a VoIP wholesaler that can help them pick the right solution for the company's infrastructure, budget and needs.

Tools Key to Proactively Troubleshooting and Managing VoIP Calls
VoIP calls and solutions are vulnerable to a variety of network infrastructure and VoIP-specific issues. With the proper planning and tools, organizations can successfully mitigate and manage VoIP issues before they become widespread.

How to Combat Jitter and Maintain Quality Audio in VoIP Calls
Jitter is a common and unfortunate problem in VoIP calling. With proactive planning it may be combatted and prevented to keep packets in order and maintain high-quality audio.

Wholesale VoIP Growth Keeps On in 2017
Wholesale VoIP provider VoIP Innovations continues to benefit from industry growth and is doing a great job at making its company name a top one in the industry.

VoIP Innovations Gears Up For ITEXPO
Wholesale VoIP provider VoIP Innovations has decided to exhibit at ITEXPO in February.

VoIP Innovations Talks Business Growth, ITEXPO
Wholesale VoIP provider VoIP Innovations talks with TMC about business growth, trends and the company's participation in the upcoming ITEXPO business technology event.

Easy Number Porting to Wholesale VoIP
Porting your number to a new wholesale VoIP provider is easy with just three simple steps.

Cybersecurity Awareness to Protect VoIP and Network Assets
The fact that many smaller companies are not even capable of recognizing the difference between legitimate DDoS and spam scams should give every organization pause to determine whether they're IT-savvy enough to operate in a world full of cybersecurity threats. For enterprise communications, VoIP fraud detection systems can help wholesale VoIP providers ensure their customers are protected and immune from the latest threats.

Fraud Protection- Don't Forget Your VoIP
Wholesale VoIP has the potential to deliver considerable benefits, as long as it's protected. Here's four reasons why fraud protection is critical.

Businesses Need to Find a Competitive Niche to Become a Successful ITSP
Getting started as an ITSP involves understanding, preparation and capitalizing on existing customer and service provider relationships-factors that will make or break companies interested in competing in the wholesale VoIP services marketplace.

Porting Wholesale VoIP Projects Makes Sense with the Right Provider
Your wholesale VoIP provider needs to be ready to effectively and efficiently handle your project porting if you want to see optimal benefits.

Report Reveals VoIP Market Still Fragmented, but Growing
A Transparency Market Research report says the wholesale VoIP market is highly fragmented, pushing services providers to find new ways to differentiate themselves.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from VoIP
The wholesale VoIP market is expanding as cloud-based services deliver increased capabilities and savings for small businesses. Features and ease of use drive demand.

VoIP Fraud: What You Need to Know
VoIP fraud is perhaps one of today's greatest security threats. Wholesale VoIP providers can help by offering the right tools to detect what's happening with VoIP traffic.

Network Threats are Everywhere: Don't Assume You're Ready
You notice the email in your inbox and you almost don't open it, assuming it's spam and not worth your time. But, curiosity gets the better of you and you open the email anyway. In this situation, the sender is warning you that your website is sending out malware and they want you to do something about it right away. Is it spam or is it real?

Customers Have Choice- You Want to Be Number One
If you're the type of consumer who prefers to have options when you're ready to enter the market, now is the time to look. Never before have we as consumers had more options in terms of providers, products, channels and solutions. You never have to settle as there's always another choice.

VoIP Innovations Makes SMS Available for all DIDs
Mobile technology has made SMS extremely popular, so much so it is now being used by businesses to interact with their customers in call centers and throughout the organization. For communications service providers (CSPs), not having SMS as part of their services can be a deal breaker for individual consumers and companies. To address this very issue, VoIP Innovations, a wholesale VoIP carrier, just announced it is extending its SMS service to all of its United States DIDs (direct inward dialing).

How to Avoid Some of the Most Common VoIP Business Pitfalls
When it comes to running a successful VoIP operation, having the correct tools and solutions in place is key to success. Front-facing customer service and engagement as well as solid business process and operations are critical, but won't count for much if technology fails.

Embrace IoT Before Opportunities Pass You By
The wholesale VoIP solutions provider suggests that leaders who step up to the plate and prepare their businesses for IoT will experience more than just better opportunities throughout the enterprise. Leaders will also get the chance to reimagine business outcomes like never before, fostering a culture built on collaboration and innovation.

5G is Coming- Will You Be Ready?
There's nothing quite as entertaining as the legal shows available from a variety of television networks. The stories that accompany the cases are sometimes familiar, sometimes absurd and sometimes a little silly. One show that continues to gain viewership tends to lean toward the silly, including a court case involving the development of 5G technology.

Five Tech Trends Sure to Challenge Business Success in 2017
It's hard to believe that we're in the last quarter of 2016 and already putting together predictions for a new year. For those in business, it means it's time to take a look at what worked well for 2016 and what changes are coming for 2017. If that business is wholesale VoIP, there are a few predictions for the new year worth paying attention to.

Assess Network Performance to Accommodate IoT and OTT Services
Networks are undergoing a worldwide evolution, and their very architecture and structure is transforming to keep pace with massive amounts of data and services. Two of the biggest factors bringing about this change are the much-hyped Internet of Things (IoT) and over-the-top (OTT) services, and the two trends are steadily becoming more closely related to shape the next generation of networks.

No Porting Fees from VoIP Innovations until the End of the Year
When a business changes its address, whether it is physical or digital, the process of porting the phone number is also part of the moving process. If the phone number has been with the organization for a long time and it is part of the company's identity, the failure to follow the right process in porting the number can cause problems that can potentially cost you valuable customers. VoIP Innovations, a wholesale VoIP carrier, just announced it is giving its existing and new customers free porting on all local and toll-free DIDs (direct inward dialing) in Tier 25 to 27, which will also be available for wholesale and enterprise accounts until the end of 2016.

You Won't Believe How Easy it is to Configure DIDs!
The variety of opportunities available in Voice over IP (VoIP) is extensive as companies of all sizes are seeking new and innovative ways to streamline operations and lower the cost of doing business. While VoIP isn't necessarily new, it's more available than ever before and the business case for making the switch is strong. If you're ready to take advantage of that opportunity as a provider, it's time to vet the wholesale VoIP choices.

Sidestepping the Pitfalls of Toll-Free Numbers
Toll-free numbers are an invaluable sales and marketing tool for any company, offering a simple and cost effective way to engage customers, promote your organization and drive sales and profits. But even though these numbers have been in existence and widely used for decades, there are still a number of myths and complexities associated with successfully obtaining, promoting and using a toll-free number.

2600Hz Joins VoIP Innovations' Growing Partnership Program
The wholesale VoIP specialists at VoIP Innovations have been working to steadily build out the business' Partnership Program and expand its growing network of solutions and service providers. The company has announced 2600Hz, a software provider specializing in business telephony services, as its newest partner.

Why Failover and Call Forwarding Should Be Your Favorite Features
What's your backup plan if a call can't be received within your organization? Is it a question that hasn't really entered your mind until now? If you're investing in wholesale VoIP and you haven't had this conversation with your provider, you may be working with the wrong provider. VoIP Innovations offers some guidance on the topic.

Caller ID - Why We Wouldn't Want to Live Without It
The fact that Caller ID is still going so strong is a testament to the power of the technology. Why do we still cling to it? As mentioned earlier, we like to know who is on the other end of the line. The clear name and number are valuable as you know for sure whether or not you want to take the call.

2600Hz Joins VoIP Innovations' Partner Program
With this move, 2600Hz joins the ranks of 3CX, NetSapiens, Elastix and many more. While VoIP Innovations has an impressive roster of businesses taking part in their Partner Program, they will continue to add partners as they continue to look for ways to help companies that provide the switching infrastructure for their customer base.

Can Your Wholesale VoIP Provider Pass the Test?
The toll-free number is often the primary marketing point for a number of companies. This is especially true if a vanity number is involved. The target audience is provided with an easy-to-remember piece of information they carry with them in the event they need to pay you for a service. It's not a bad situation for those who stand to benefit.

e911 - It's Not Just for Sci-Fi Anymore
The methods by which we stay connected today vary considerably from what was considered the norm just 15 years ago. The thought of eliminating the landline would have seemed ridiculous in the 1990s, and the Internet had not yet taken a leadership role in the way we organized our lives. For those taking advantage of the opportunities in wholesale VoIP, the landscape was not yet changing, but user behavior was soon to take a sharp right turn.

Don't Let the Success of the Toll-Free Vanity Number Leave You Behind
Working on a marketing campaign is always fun. It's an exploration into the creative minds of a team and the client. And until it comes time to sign contracts for media outlets, anything is possible. There are no budget limitations, so you explore all potential outlets - including the use of a toll-free vanity number.

Businesses Need to Be Informed Before Choosing a Toll-Free Service Provider
Toll-free numbers are pretty much ubiquitous, offering a massive host of benefits to businesses and consumers alike. Any company that generates sales and revenues by phone should consider employing a toll-free number as a simple and relatively low cost way to boost visibility and bring in new business.

Five Wholesale VoIP Reseller Tips for Better Margins and Happier Customers
The wholesale VoIP market is as strong as ever, with companies continually seeking ways to streamline communications, unify their platforms and optimize solutions for users wanting better access in a mobile environment. As such, resellers not only improve collaboration in their own environments, they create opportunities for their customers.

Toll-Free Numbers Remain a Popular Sales and Marketing Tool
In use for nearly 40 years, toll-free numbers remain one of the most effective tools for sales and marketing. The benefit of being able to call a business without being charged is a major value-add for many customers, and toll-free numbers are also widely used by telemarketing companies as well as for contact centers and customer service departments.

VoIP Innovations Appears on Inc. 5000 List for Fifth Consecutive Year
In order to achieve steady growth, a company must have the right strategies in place along with a workforce that believes in the system. This includes having the flexibility to quickly adjust to market conditions by adopting the necessary technologies and disposing outdated or legacy systems that might hinder the progress. As a premier wholesale VoIP carrier, VoIP Innovations has been growing steadily since it was established in 2007, becoming one of the key players in the VoIP industry. This has resulted in the company appearing on the Inc. 5000 List for the fifth consecutive year.

Number Porting - It's Not for the Faint of Heart
For those who like to shop online, it helps to have either a one-stop-shop opportunity, such as what tends to be provided by Amazon; or online options that are easy to remember, such as Zappos for shows or Best Buy for electronics. Before, we instinctively pulled up a browser to make a purchase; however, we may now be more likely to use our phones.

VoIP Innovations Named One of 2016's Fastest Growing Companies
The increased adoption of IP communications by businesses and consumers is providing a growth opportunity for service providers in the segment. VoIP Innovations is one of the service providers benefiting from the growth of IP communications, which has landed the company on the 2016 Fastest Growing Companies list by the Pittsburgh Business Times.

TMC Recognizes VoIP Innovations for Exceptional Platform
The day-to-day operations of any business involve many different tasks that are not part of the core function of the company. While these tasks are essential, they are time-consuming and expensive, which makes BackOffice solutions ideal so businesses can focus on their core competencies. The Titanium III BackOffice platform from VoIP Innovations provides such a service, and it was just recognized by TMC, a global, integrated media company, as a 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award Winner.

VoIP for Business Evolving as Technology and Networks Mature
The bottom line is that VoIP offers tremendous value to businesses of all sizes, which will catch the attention of any manager looking to streamline costs while boosting productivity and efficiency. And value, coupled with a host of exciting features and functionality, is what is driving market growth at such a rapid pace.

It Pays to Demand a Higher Standard from Communications Providers
Beyond these requirements, VoIP Innovations also had to agree to Back Office integration if necessary. In this step, the company integrated failover protection into its toll-free DID service. In doing so, a disaster that may disrupt service or a users' network will trigger an automatic switch over to a redundant network so that calls are never missed.

Need a Toll-Free Number? Here's Why You Should Consider DIDs.
There are a few things that immediately make the 'to-do' list for anyone who is going to start a business. Aside from getting the capital together to start the business, you need a presence - a way for customers and partners to keep in touch. That means a website and a phone number. Not just any phone number will always do. A Toll-Free number is typically the best route for businesses - but getting one might be easier, and more cost effective than you think.

Should You Be Concerned About VoIP Security?
VoIP has been praised for a very long time for all the benefits it brings to businesses. Cost savings, expanded reach, easier communications - and more. But one thing that always has remained a barrier for adoption has been the worry over security. When the technology was still in its infancy this worry about whether or not it was secure or OK to let your communications pass through an Internet connection was viable. It wasn't something many were doing yet. The internet and the technologies that make it function weren't as reputable and respected as they are today. But now - decades later - is security still a concern when it comes to using VoIP for business communications?

Wireshark Offers Deep Monitoring for Maintaining VoIP Quality and Performance
VoIP phone systems are only a valuable asset when they are performing at maximum quality. As with any communication solution, VoIP offerings must be kept up to date and regularly monitored and managed to ensure the network and equipment are keeping up with demand and voice quality and performance are consistent.

VoIP Innovations Provides 25-Cent Toll-Free DIDs for Limited Time
If you work for a company that is looking to build its brand with a toll-free number, has VoIP Innovations got a deal for you. The wholesale VoIP carrier has a limited-time offer through which it's providing businesses toll-free DIDs for just 25 cents a month.

Traffic Pumping Detrimental to Carriers and Consumers Alike
A controversial and disturbing telecom phenomenon is taking place in rural areas of the U.S., impacting carriers and customers alike. Traffic pumping, also known as access stimulation, occurs when local exchange phone carriers inflate the volume of incoming calls to their networks. They are then able to charge increased intercarrier compensation fees to long-distance carriers and generate significant profits.

There Are Still Good Reasons to Have a Landline Phone
The move to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) in recent years has been pronounced, as businesses and even some residences make the jump to VoIP as a means to get access to more services and lower costs. Yet there are still many homes and businesses turning to landline devices-a Statista survey from 2015 notes that half of U.S. households still have an operating landline. So what's keeping all those users in landlines? Security is perhaps the biggest reason to stick around for many users.

Why Your Company Needs PBX with IVR & Data Redundancy
The benefits of PBX and IVR functionality to organizations, and the importance of data backup, are pretty well understood today. Still, some organizations are so focused on their core businesses that they haven't taken the time to explore their benefits, configure these capabilities and/or implement data redundancy initiatives.

Tips to Ensure DIDs Generate Traffic
Voice over IP (VoIP) is a powerful benefit for companies seeking to streamline their business communications and integrate supporting platforms for a unified experience. In doing so, they also create significant opportunity for those who want to take advantage of a growing market for wholesale VoIP.

VoIP Businesses Need to Take Measures to Avoid Quality Issues
We cover the benefits of VoIP, unified communications (UC) and mobility quite a bit in this space, particularly from an enterprise angle. But running a VoIP business of any sort entails some unique challenges and obstacles, largely surrounding quality of service. By addressing quality and availability issues right out of the gate, service and solution providers can avoid some common pitfalls altogether.

VoIP Innovations Provides Best Practices for VoIP Security, Quality Control
Voice over IP services today are widely available, and can be of a very high quality. Nonetheless, VoIP security and quality remain important topics that need to be addressed to allow for the best experience by businesses, users and the service providers that offer these services.

Slate of New Services Coming With iOS 10
In the recent past, some have complained about a lack of innovation in Apple's camp, leaving users with a lot of "more of the same," and only tiny refinements made over previous versions. That's a point Apple may be out to change with iOS 10, and some new services coming out with the operating system's release.

VoIP Innovations Makes Managing Services a Little Easier With New End User Portal
Offering voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services these days is usually a sound proposition. Regular people and businesses alike want access to such services, and a desirable product offered at a decent price is generally all the makings of a cash cow. Managing these services, however, can be a bit more difficult, and that's a point that VoIP Innovations is working to solve with its new end user portal, which is completely brandable for use with various firms.

Successful Business Development Requires Innovation, Strategy and Efficiency
Taking the kernel of an idea and watching it blossom and grow into a profitable business is no small feat. Accomplishing that goal within the technology sector is even trickier and yet that's exactly where Jason Tapolci succeeded with wholesale VoIP success story VoIP Innovations.

SME Uptake and Hybrid Cloud Solutions Propelling VoIP Market Growth
A new report from Persistence Market Research shows the global VoIP services market is growing at a healthy rate, expected to reach $194.5 billion in revenue by 2024. The Global Market Study on VoIP Services shows that an increased use of hybrid cloud communications in both small and large enterprises is expected to drive growth over the next few years.

New eBook Discusses Importance of Scalable Execution in Formulating Business Strategies
Scalability and flexibility are important philosophies that can benefit any company, but particularly those in the technology sector. Learning how to plan and shape business goals with scalability in mind can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor and one that will offer a tangible return on investment in the long run.

Execution Planning Can Help Businesses Succeed in Competitive Markets
By implementing the tools as outlined, businesses can take advantage of execution planning to become more profitable, more competitive and sustainable over the long term. This theory also enables businesses to remain scalable and flexible, important components for boosting growth and eliminating waste.

Slack Users Get a New Edge with VoIP Calling
It's always reassuring to know that a company isn't ready to just coast, but rather continue to innovate and bring out valuable new features. That can be a great factor in keeping users interested and ready to buy, in the end making Slack the app of choice not just for today, but for tomorrow too.

Map Out Migration Challenges to Avoid VoIP Deployment Disaster
It's also key to ask the right questions when it comes to tech support. You want to ensure you're protected from downtime as it can cost you significant time and money. Ask for five 9s uptime (99.999%) and ask to talk to current customers who can give you accurate testimonials. At the same time, be sure you have the security necessary to keep hackers out of your network and operations moving along as they should to deliver the anticipated benefits.

Extortion Hacking Impacting Businesses in a Broad Range of Markets
The popularity of cyber insurance is also on the rise, enabling companies to better manage extortion risk by adding on to their commercial general liability insurance policies. PwC estimates annual gross written insurance premiums will grow from $2.5 billion to $7.5 billion by the end of this decade, propelled by a giant uptake in cyber insurance.

Rising Costs of Data Breaches and Regulatory Mandates Drive Uptake in Cyber Insurance
According to PwC, annual gross written insurance premiums are expected to grow from $2.5 billion now to $7.5 billion by the end of this decade, thanks largely to uptake in cyber insurance.

Jailbreaking Poses a Significant Security Threat in the Enterprise
The act of jailbreaking, essentially hacking into a mobile device for the purpose of accessing its core operating system, has been a common occurrence since Apple rolled out the original iPhone back in 2007. It offers benefits like being able to install third-party applications, extensions and features not otherwise available for a particular mobile device. When it comes to jailbreaking in a business setting, however, the process poses serious security risks and vulnerabilities.

Warning: Jailbreaking a Mobile Device Can Make the Whole Network Vulnerable
The reality is that in a BYOD environment, devices have to be inspected thoroughly and there must be policies for use in place. Educate your users on activities that may put them or your network in harm's way. This is a great first step towards preventing problems.

Global VoIP Service Market Could Reach $194.5 Billion by 2024
Once providers have jumped that hurdle, they can take heart that their staff compliment may be minimal - compared to other types of telecoms -and that, according to Persistence, many companies are expanding to semi-urban and satellite cities, which opens up the market even wider.

If You're Ready to Port Numbers, You've Got These Items in Check
Third, look for a provider that has gone paperless. While we tend to think this concept is really just a myth, the reality is that digital adoption has exploded. When wholesale VoIP was first available, everything was done on paper, which left too many opportunities for errors. If a carrier can't read the handwriting, the submission is rejected. Don't settle for the old way of doing things, even if it appears to be a cheaper option as it will cause problems in the long run.

Moroccan Gamers Shut Out of Competition Due to VoIP Ban
The world of communications is rapidly changing, providing consumers and businesses alike with a number of options when it comes to staying connected.

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