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Nimbuzz to Hire 100 Engineers to Support App Development

Nimbuzz, a developer of voice-over-IP (VoIP) and messaging applications, recently announced that it will be adding a significant number of new engineers to its team.

Creating a Successful Telecommunications Business, Part 2: Support

According to Jason Tapolci, president of VoIP Innovations, support is not limited to helping your customers through call centers, but it involves "non-human interactions as well."

FCC Proposal Would Include VoIP Handsets in Accessibility Requirements

VoIP is becoming the technology of choice for landlines, and the Federal Communications Commission is paying attention with its proposed update to accessibility requirements for telephones and handsets.

How to Operate a Successful Telecom Business: Provisioning

Just about anybody can start a business, but the true challenge comes in managing your company and generating growth.

The Crushing Logic of VoIP

Every business and consumer should be using Voice-over-IP (VoIP). VoIP today is polished, reliable, and superior to older phone systems in every way.

Survey Reveals Increasing Obsession with Mobile Tech

While some of us are more attached to the technology than others, as a whole, the vast majority of us are in the same boat; we are highly dependent on our smartphones.

Nine Features You Need to Manage E911 Numbers

Dialing for emergency respondents over VoIP works the same way as traditional means, just dial 9-1-1. However, the emergency dispatch process works a little differently than it would if the call was made on a land line.

Domestic Fraud Newest Concern for VoIP

Even as the popularity of VoIP continues to rise, so too do the problems that come along with it. That was made evident at the recent ITEXPO Anaheim 2015 when Randy Stegner, Operations Manager at VoIP wholesaler VoIP Innovations, met with TMC CEO Rich Tehrani.

Small Businesses Should Choose VoIP Carefully

More small businesses are seriously considering moving their phone systems to VoIP as prices drop and hosted services become available. As such, small businesses should consider some issues when looking for a VoIP system.

Take Charge of Your Product: Control Your VoIP Business

When running a VoIP business, just how much control do you really have? You may be the owner of your business, but if you aren't in control of every aspect, your operation could be lacking in efficiency.

Streamlining Your VoIP Business: Automation

Automated technology has made the human obsolete in food ordering accuracy, and while automation has taken many jobs in the stead of humans in other industries, it has also increased efficiency and saved time and resources.

Report: Small Businesses Do VoIP Adoption Differently

VoIP brings real added value to business, not just less-expensive business phone systems. That's why small and medium-sized businesses are rapidly embracing the technology.

Wholesale VoIP Just Got Better with Telinta Announcement

Telinta, a cloud-based VoIP switching and billing company, announced its TeliSIM MVNO solution has been successfully integrated with its TeliGlobe mobile phone solution.

'Choice' Makes All the Difference When Selecting VoIP

Everyone likes to have a choice in life wherever possible. Whether it's choosing an item from a restaurant menu, picking options on a new car, or just selecting a chair for your desk, it's good to see what's available. The same should hold true in major business decisions.

Going VoIP? Look (and Ask) Before You Leap

The popularity of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for communications uses is growing ever wider. Yet as more and more people in the enterprise start examining whether to "Go VoIP" or not, it's worth looking at the whole picture to examine all sides of the issue.

The Carrier Switch to IP Infrastructure Could Shift the Industry

Carriers are finally moving away from analog and embracing VoIP, and this will be a huge transition for the industry.

Canada in Top 10 of Global VoIP Market

The rapidly growing adoption of smart portable devices such as smartphones and tablets in the residential and corporate sectors is driving the global VoIP services market, and Canada is no exception.

VoIP Innovations Readies Product Showcase at ITEXPO Anaheim 2015

Folks at the leading wholesale VoIP provider, VoIP Innovations, are packing their bags and getting ready to hit ITEXPO Anaheim 2015 next week, all to showcase their Titanium III BackOffice product.

Cloud Telephone VoIP Sales on the Rise

IP-based telephony systems are taking the forward position in the communications market.

VoIP Innovations Raises the Bar for Competitors

This week, VI began providing their project porting VoIP service to customers with 10 or more local numbers, at no cost for eligible customers. This is a bit of a big deal, because while consumers of VoIP services normally need to have 50 or more numbers to take advantage of the process, this deal will allow customers to use project porting if they have as few as 10 local numbers.

Ohio City to See Expanded VoIP SIP Services

SolveForce's service and its latest geographical expansion solidifies the company's role as one of the main provisioners of VoIP SIP technology.

Cloud Computing and VoIP: Perfect Together

The continued expansion of the cloud along with the rising popularity of VoIP has made for some interesting options for IT managers. Yet along with all this choice comes some challenges as well, and it's worth doing your homework before taking the plunge.

Boom Coming: VoIP Seen Expanding in Asian Region

The network advancement in emerging economies such as India, Brazil, Indonesia, China, and Philippines among others offers tremendous opportunities for the VoIP service provider to widen their subscriber base.

New Partnership for VoIP Innovations

A leading VoIP provider has just strengthened its position in the marketplace with a new joint endeavor.

VoIP Innovations Named an Inc. 5000 Company for the Fourth Consecutive Year

VoIP Innovations announced recently that it had been named to the Inc. 5000 list for 2015.

OTT VoIP Pioneer Argues for the End of Net Neutrality-and the FCC

One Internet pioneer expects the Net Neutrality issue to end up in the hands of the Supreme Court -- with the question of the FCC's right to exist swinging in the balance.

Caller ID: Another Tool You Can Use

There are a number of things that need to be kept in mind when the company phone system is being set up, with several options concerning Caller ID.

MegaPath Contracted by MCN for Business VoIP and UC Solutions

MegaPath, already one of the best known and most respected providers of voice, data, security and cloud services in North America announced earlier this week that Medical Consultants Network (MCN) selected the company as its source for unified communications and networking needs. MCN has stepped forward and rolled out Hosted Voice and Unified Communications suite, as well as the Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and its secure MPLS network in order to connect its 15 locations across the United States.

Why Due Diligence is Important in Wholesale VoIP

When it's time to decide to switch to VoIP, if it's your first venture into digital telephony, it's important to understand the realities that will play into the switch.

Report Says US Looking at Possible European Telecom, VoIP Fraud

Published reports say a wide-ranging criminal probe is looking at corruption by three global telecom companies and intermediaries that are close to Uzbekistan's president's daughter. The U.S. is seeking $1 billion in assets.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your VoIP DIDs?

If your customers are not satisfied with your services and realize that they can have a better experience with another company, how long will they continue to be your customers?

Chat with Nat: BackOffice + Back To School

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we are currently working on an improved invoice template for all of our customers. This new invoice will have a new look and feel to it as items will now be categorized instead of just listed as they are currently. Each category will also include a total of all the items within it as well as overall totals at the end of the invoice. FYI, it will be ready in September!

New FCC Rules Set Telecom Requirements for the Move to IP Infrastructure

There are roughly 85 million copper-based telephone lines currently in operation within the U.S. This is a source of dismay for technologists and consumers alike, since fiber-based telephony is less expensive and brings added benefits over the older copper technology.

VoIP Can Help Businesses Help Themselves

Enterprises of all sizes have learned that traditional telephony comes with many disadvantages, so to stay competitive in today's hyper-connected society, many have turned to IP telephony to service their communications needs.

US Army Uses UC, VoIP for More Robust Communications

To link together two-way radios, smart phones, telephones, and PCs together in a seamless unified whole, the U.S. Army recently finalized its plans to use unified communications for its tactical network

Report Shows VoIP Services Primed for Major Growth

A new report notes that the market for VoIP services is set to grow 10 percent annually until 2021, a development which will nearly double its effective size from 2013 levels.

ProCom Steps Up Its Availability With Several New States

No matter how good a current supplier is, that grass can look awfully green on the Google Fiber side of the fence.

How Important Are Billing Alerts?

We live in an age of convenience, and having your information stored at a site that you frequent is very convenient, so you do not have to constantly retype the same information over and over.

India Takes Aim at OTT VoIP Providers

VoIP is upending the telecom industry around the globe, and in some countries this has drawn the sympathy of regulators who look to ensure that neither consumers nor businesses are unfairly hurt by the 'Wild West' environment.

If Power Goes Down, Will Your VoIP Phone Stay Up?

As the end-of-life for traditional copper telephone networks fast approaches, the FCC is taking the necessary precautions to ensure IP telephony will be available at all times.

Automation and Visibility are the Linchpins of Effective VoIP Billing

When it comes to implementing a billing system for VoIP, there are a few key things that service providers should look for to optimize their operational efficiency.

Choosing a VoIP Provider? Ask the Right Questions

There is a lot of competition in the market, so a recent industry blog post has compiled a short list of questions purchasers can ask when making their VoIP decisions.

How Can VoIP Help You Improve the Customer Experience?

In the quest to promote newer technologies to the business user, it's not uncommon to find a host of benefits listed for the transition to VoIP.

Chat with Nat: Life, Liberty + The Pursuit of VoIPiness

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Challenge for VoIP Resellers: 'Who Takes the Blame for What Happens?'

Most people neither know how their networks function, nor do they really care. They just have a job to do which requires the network doing its part.

Significant Growth Seen for Australian VoIP Market

It's no secret that while the various components of the voice over IP (VoIP) market continue to grow, some areas of the world are seeing particularly brisk growth of managed VoIP services.

VoIP Users Need to Change Approach vs. Hackers, Attackers

People love to take aim at VoIP technology because when they are successful it means that those attackers can gain access to telephone lines that allows them to make calls to foreign countries and use other premium rate phone services.

Headsets for VoIP Usage Debut

A new agreement calls for 888VoIP to add Sennheiser's line of contact center and office headsets to its own lineup of products, giving 888VoIP customers one more point to turn to for the best in VoIP.

Chat with Nat: What a Site to See!

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Seen Making Inroads in Holland

The quarterly fixed-telephony growth in Holland was driven especially by VoIP via DSL, which gained 1.3 percent more customers to end Q1 2015 with more than two million subscribers.

Protect Your VoIP Investment; Mind Your Auto Attendant

With the growth of VoIP seemingly unstoppable, IT managers are now looking at all aspects of the technology for any little edge they can get over their competitors. One area that's coming under close scrutiny is auto-attendants, those ubiquitous recordings that every call center seems to make you go through before you can reach an actual, live person.

VoIP Execs: 'Keep Reinventing Yourself'

VoIP has managed to evolve with the Internet, improving and helping businesses keep their bills down and communication efficient. Not many technologies have done the same. So how can VoIP continue to stay relevant?

Chat with Nat: Hello June

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Innovations Launches Revamped Website

In a project that has been a long time coming but certainly worth the wait, VoIP Innovations (VI) - an Inc. 5000 company that specializes in providing the largest DID and termination VoIP footprints in North America - has announced the launch of a new company website.

Research: VoIP Services Market Primed for Huge Expansion

If you think you've been seeing and reading more and more about VoIP and its dominance in technology, you're not mistaken: it's exploding everywhere.

VoIP Pioneer Files Against Net Neutrality

Daniel Berninger, self-proclaimed "independent communication architect" and one of the original pioneers of VoIP at Bell Laboratories in 1995, is filing a court stay of the FCC's reclassification of Internet access as a Title II service.

Chat with Nat: A Memorable Week Before Memorial Day Weekend

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Report: VoIP Market Poised for Growth This Year

It's been one of the most talked-about technologies in recent years, and if you think it's been growing, you've been right.

Chat with Nat: Spectacular Site Launch!

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Telinta Develops Auto-Provisioning Profiles for Select Panasonic SIP Phones

As a global provider of cloud-based switching and billing solutions for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), Telinta completed the testing by developing Auto-Provisioning Profiles for select models of Panasonic's enterprise-grade SIP phones.

Ruling: VoIP Providers Must Abide by Existing State Regulations

VoIP is different from TDM-based voice on a number of fronts. But one way it should not be unique is in how it's regulated relative to disabled and low-income consumers, according to a recent Minnesota Public Utilities Commission ruling.

Chat with Nat: New VoIP Fraud Detection Service + More!

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Even SMBs Can Come Out Ahead with VoIP

Small businesses usually don't have large cash reserves, or fully-staffed IT functions to address challenges or opportunities, so their resources are extremely limited. That's where VoIP comes in.

Fearful of Fraud? VoIP Innovations Launches Solution

You've studied the options, made your decision and went 'all in' on VoIP. But now, the fear that someone might fraudulently hack into you system and wreak havoc is causing you to chew your nails down to the bone. What can you do about it?

Chat With Nat: MAY We Have Your Attention, Please?

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

OTT Embattles Indian Telecoms, Too

The United States is not the only country where mobile operators are fighting with over-the-top (OTT) services such as Viber and Skype. Indian telecoms, for instance, are thick in the fight with OTT.

Knowing Your VoIP Buyer Makes the Job Easier

In any sales capacity, it always helps to know where your customer is coming from, so you can help them get where they're going to. For those in the business of selling VoIP services, understanding the buyer's "journey" is a key component toward success.

Chat with Nat: The Bottle Episode

A weekly updates on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Right-Sized VoIP Solution for SMBs Debuts

A communications and cloud service provider has announced expanded voice offerings, rolling out a Hosted VoIP solution across its Midwest service area that offers reliable, cost-effective voice solutions to business customers with as few as five phone lines.

Report: VoLTE Becoming Platform of Choice for VoIP

VoLTE is based on standards completed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, providing VoIP that is supported by the IP Multimedia Subsystem architecture landline VoIP providers are deploying.

Got VoIP? Be Sure to Keep an Eye on it

VoIP is a gateway into your network, but it's also a magnet for fraudulent activity when it isn't managed effectively.

Domestic Long-Distance Revenue in India Could be in Jeopardy from WhatsApp

One thing that a lot of operators noticed with WhatsApp's popularity was a decline in Short Message Service (SMS) traffic. What the operators fear now is that the Voice over IP (VoIP) version.

Chat with Nat: Get Those Umbrellas Ready, It's Raining VoIP!

A weekly update from the good folks at VoIP Innovations.

Three VoIP Service Ideas for the Budding Entrepreneur

Starting a VoIP business actually is relatively easy. VoIP wholesalers can provide the technology, which means getting in on the action is more about marketing and sales.

Purchasing Wholesale SIP Termination: The Basics

Buying anything wholesale requires a bit of market research and a little bit of picking and choosing, but when it comes to products and services like wholesale SIP termination, it's a process that's slightly more involved.

The Dream Realized: VoIP is Here to Stay

Unlike in the past, today VoIP offers businesses of any size more flexibility and functionality while at the same time offering cost savings.

Wholesale VoIP Growing Along with the Rest of the Industry

As expected, the VoIP industry is growing. What was not expected was how FAST it's all happening.

Survey Makes Strong Case for VoIP and Its Growing Acceptance

A new survey takes a look at the "perception and usage" of phone systems within the SMB crowd. According to the survey findings, SMBs aren't too aware of the technologies currently available.

Chat with Nat: Ringing in Spring

An update on the latest happenings from VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Features are Perfect for Growing Businesses

Missing calls is never a good idea, but for businesses it can mean lost sales and missed opportunities. VoIP comes to the rescue.

To Start a VoIP Company You Need a Business Plan

VoIP adoption is rapidly growing in the enterprise space with companies realizing that the technology delivers not only an efficient but also a simplified management system for a single voice and data network.

Chat with Nat: Top o' the Friday the 13th to You!

A weekly update from the folks at VoIP Innovations.

VoIP is Great, but Can be Better

For companies that have already made the change to VoIP for their telecommunication needs, they're aware of the benefits in terms of mobility and cost savings. But one little secret many don't talk about is an occasional lack of sound quality. After all that time and effort spent, some are dismayed to find the VoIP solution is not everything they hoped it might be.

Chat with Nat: Hosted Billing Walk-throughs and More

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Mobile Apps Seen Ready to Boost VoIP Brands

You've probably seen big brands like Best Buy, Nike, Starbucks, and 7 Eleven utilize branded mobile apps - but mobile apps are useful for VoIP businesses as well.

VoIP, By Any Other Name, Set to Expand

By now, anyone with half a brain and a hope of saving money, has given or is giving serious consideration to switching their telecom needs to VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. Besides the obvious benefit of saving money, they'll cut their dependence on major telecom carriers and will help move their companies into the 21st century. It's a move that makes sense.

Chat with Nat: 'F' is for February

A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Telecom 101: The Difference Between VoIP and PSTN

Everyone living within the last century knows what a telephone is, but we've come a long way since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, and telecommunications overall have seen a lot of changes.

Securing Your VoIP Network: Not as Tough As You Might Think

With the ubiquity of VoIP spreading like the proverbial wildfire throughout the enterprise, along with it comes new security concerns. Because it has become so commonplace, many users are becoming almost cavalier about it, assuming that "someone else" within the organization is worrying about security. That's a notion that could have serious, negative consequences.

Chat with Nat: Pondering Porting

A weekly look at the current happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Where Does VoIP Fit With UC?

There are some misconceptions when it comes to communication tools, particularly when it comes to VoIP and unified communications (UC).

Chat with Nat: Valentine's Edition

A weekly update from the folks at VoIP Innovations.

Help Wanted: Now You Can be a Certified 'VoIP Person'

A new certification program for technicians who troubleshoot VoIP systems has been launched,designed specifically for audio-video professionals to give them a better understanding of technology some feel is not easy to learn.

Run a Business? Then You Need These Technologies

Running a business is no small feat, but we're in the digital era so there are several tools available to make running your own company easier and hassle-free.

VoIP Innovations Leading the Way in VoIP Adoptions

As most everyone in the tech world knows by now, the world of VoIP adoption is exploding, and one company helping to lead the charge is Pittsburgh-based VoIP Innovations.

Chat with Nat: ITEXPO Recap

A weekly recap of the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

Chat with Nat: ITEXPO Recap

A weekly recap of the happenings at VoIP Innovations.

VoIP Security Is Not Dependent on Wi-Fi Security

People confuse VoIP security with their Wi-Fi security, but let's clear this up now: both are very much mutually exclusive.

Dedicated Voice Channel Launched for Mini-VSAT Broadband Network

KVH Industries, Inc., a satellite communications solutions provider, announced it has launched a new dedicated voice configuration for its mini-VSAT Broadband global maritime satellite network.

'Free' Communications Apps: Look Before You Leap

Most everyone in the tech world is aware of the many free apps available for communicating with others (Skype, anyone?), but they're less familiar with the costs associated with such "free" offerings. Are they really worth it?

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